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The Inspiring Manager Programme 2017

Lander Consultancy is delighted to present our innovative leadership programme that is not only specifically designed for leaders, from rising stars to established managers, but can also be tailored to suit your company vision and values.

This programme of leadership courses focuses on the real skills needed by first line managers/team leaders whatever the market conditions.

Each course in the programme can be personalized to your team’s specific needs and Lander Consultancy’s expert training team will help them to balance their priorities, managing their time effectively, how to delegate, coaching their team members, managing performance and influencing behaviour.

This user friendly programme offers choice and order of content whilst accommodating any budget over any time frame.

Engage, lead and keep selling

A big part of the job for those new to managing teams, is leading by example - yet they still have to manage their desks and sell as before, which can be a huge challenge. This powerful one day course, kicking off the programme, gives new and existing managers/leaders the resources they need to build their leadership toolkit. They will gain the confidence, not only succeed in their role, but enjoy it.

Managing performance

Discover how to manage and enhance individual performance in a changing environment and how to effectively recognise, and positively manage, underperformance. Improve your onboarding process, shortening the time it takes people to start billing, not forgetting to give equal focus on your good people taking them from ‘good to great.’

Coaching Mentoring & Delegating

Team leaders need to raise the skill and confidence levels of the individuals in their teams quickly And effectively. This course covers methods and best practice for building on the skills of the team and develop their ability to perform; concentrating on coaching, mentoring and delegation.

Dynamic Team Leadership

Dynamic team leadership gives leaders and managers the confidence and ability to manage change, both enforced and desired and turn it into an opportunity for growth whilst building resilience - and continue to engage their teams in the process.

Building High Performance Teams

This day focuses on how to get highly talented individuals to work together as a team. We hire people because of the excellent talent that they can potentially bring to the table. We then need to make sure We are building teams that use that talent synergistically, so the performance of that team is at it’s optimum.

Working as a Management Team – Championing Change

This final course in the series is about taking everything participants have gained from the training and not only applying it, but living it. So they go from knowing, to doing and finally to being the leader that they aspire to be.