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Partnership Experience

Your experience as a partner begins even before any programme is launched. Working in partnership to provide a comprehensive development programme for your people requires shared ownership from both partners, whether that is to support the programme with a change management strategy or to help with a positive shift in culture.

Managing each others’ expectations, clarifying desired outcomes, regular review of progress and open communication are crucial. We will be with you every step of the way!

Gathering the Facts

With your help, we identify whether you need just a little external input from us or a full programme to meet your short term priority challenges and long term development goals. Before engaging in a partnership of any kind, we fully discuss and assess the needs of both the organisation and the individuals within it and engage with your vision for the future.

Creating the Plan

Working closely with you we will agree on a plan of action for the desired training and development intervention over an agreed timeframe applying a range of appropriate methods. We work to the highest service standards to ensure a great customer experience for you and the delegates before, during and after each event.

Voice to the Board

We can work with the top team on their own development through executive coaching or consulting on a broader level or simply advise on the implementation of your training programme to ensure a great ROI.

Developing your Leaders

Leadership development always remains a high priority. Whether facilitating leadership workshops to develop capability for existing managers and team leaders or helping identify and deliver programmes for your rising stars.

Mobilising Talent

Implementing training and development at all levels throughout the organisation will be seen as commitment from the top. We make sure our contribution to developing your people and giving them the skills for both short term gain and long term success, is cohesive and fully integrated with any internal initiatives – truly mobilising your talent!

Delivering ROI

Measuring the value of training and the return on investment has never more vital. By engaging line managers and clearly defining the purpose and objectives of the training from the start, it is easier to measure success and the alignment and impact of the programme on organisational goals.

Flexible Finance

Today’s unpredictable market conditions can bring pressure to bear on company finances so full partnership commands favourable rates. Finance teams from both your company and Lander Consultancy working closely together keeps communication open which is the key to a stress-free affiliation. You can be assured the partnership will provide a cost effective solution through quality training and development.

Enhance their Career

By giving each individual the support and training they need to grow and develop you are enabling them to contribute to both their personal progress and to the success of the business. Every individual will be able to realise their potential and build on career opportunities which underpin your business strategy and Lander contributions will fully reflect this ethos.

Beyond Expectations

Our truly holistic approach to partnering with our clients to help develop and implement their training and development strategy and our dedicated passion to quality standards and service, means that together we can achieve desired goals and go beyond expectations.

The flexible programmes can be as big or small as needed and help create an engaged, purposeful culture that develops skills and links into appraisal systems, performance management, reward and recognition strategies, talent attraction and career development.

Working in close partnership with you is essential to maximise on the success of any talent development programme. It’s really about taking training and development consultancy to the next level – we act as an extension of your own company brand, making it a highly cost effective resource with a real measurable return on investment.

Starting with an overall training and development plan which links into the talent management strategy of your organisation, the programmes support both short and long term company objectives and have a positive impact on attraction and retention, as well as leading to performance enhancement of the whole team.

We can:

  • Assess the needs of both the organisation and the individuals (or future hires)
  • Design a tailored strategy; including modular skills development workshops and courses for all or specific skill levels
  • Offer one to one coaching, management consultancy and senior level mentoring to supplement a comprehensive leadership development programme
  • Deliver in-company bespoke events for small groups or the larger company community as part of a programme or as one off high impact interventions