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Our Services

With our experienced and dynamic team of expert trainers, coaches and consultants – Lander Consultancy offers a wide range of resources to support the growth and success of your people and your business.

We specialise in Talent Development (bespoke training and coaching) and Consultancy (advising you on strategic and operational plans) to help realise your vision, create the right culture and achieve operational goals by offering a broad yet focused range of Learning and Development services. By listening to client feedback, we frequently redesign our service offerings to make sure we really ‘hit the nail on the head’ to deliver the support our customers need around total talent solutions.

There is nothing we are more passionate about than having the opportunity to work with you on some of your talent management challenges, whether you are looking for a one-off, high-impact intervention or a long-term development partnership.

Here is our up to date menu of services from which you can select as many or as few as you need, to compliment your current and future talent management solutions.

Leadership & Management Development programmes

Two major Programmes for the existing manager and rising stars plus a comprehensive range of courses and workshops for all levels of managers and leaders

Bespoke Sales and Business Development Courses

Including basic sales skills through to our popular High Achievers programmes

Recruitment Specific Courses and Services

Full range of programmes, courses, workshops, coaching and consultancy designed especially for the recruitment sector

Becoming a High Impact Individual

Building your personal brand and taking control of your own behaviours and performance at work

Building High Performing Teams

Helping you maximise on the potential talent in your business taking people from good to great


Advising, guiding and challenging enables us to act as a ‘voice to the board’ to support growth and change

Personal Coaching

One to one coaching at desk or executive level ensuring a tailored, personal approach to individual development

Managing Change

Courses, workshops, coaching and consultancy to drive growth or to help with the challenges of uncertain and dynamic times

Creating the Right Culture

Encouraging a winning team mentality, a customer centric approach and building a culture of success


Recruitment skills from succession planning and talent attraction to interview techniques and induction

NLP (including qualifications) and Mindful Resilience Training

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP); the art of communication and influence. Courses and workshops for the NLP Practitioner (base to Master) in the workplace

Talent Acquisition

Recruitment skills from succession planning and talent attraction to interview techniques and induction

Redesign of your talent acquisition and onboarding strategies

Consulting and developing a stunning onboarding experience from new starters to director level

Psychometric testing (Thomas International)

Working with our partners Thomas International we provide a range of user friendly online psychometrics including job profiling/HPTI/PPA reports with live feedback from qualified Lander Consultancy assessors