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Recruitment Training

Recruitment Training for all the Recruiters

  • Induction Programmes-entry level
  • Understanding recruitment
  • Recruitment process, full life cycle
  • Goal setting and instilling the value of KPI’s
  • Opening the mind to business opportunities

Client Management

  • Understanding and Qualifying a requirement
  • Old fashioned Cold Calling
  • Setting up and Managing a Client meeting
  • Key Account Development
  • Building partnerships with clients
  • Closing the Deal

Candidate Management

  • Selecting, Vetting and Shortlisting a candidate
  • Finding the Best candidate, Resourcing made simple
  • Interview Training (including CBI)
  • Gaining control and exclusivity
  • Headhunting, Executive Search and Networking

Building and Managing High-Performance Teams

  • Moving from being a good to great recruiter
  • Coaching for Performance Improvement
  • Performance Monitoring for Success
  • Time Management and the Art of Delegation
  • Influencing and Negotiation Skills
  • Communication and Assertiveness
  • Motivating Sales Teams

“Grainne understands the challenges facing recruiters at all levels and is able to focus on specific ways to improve individual performances. “

Training programmes

*Induction Programmes: 1 day back to basics, 2 day fast track, 3 day intensive with lots of role play.

The Basics: Qualify, Qualify, Qualify 1 day intensive

*Goal setting and instilling the value of KPI’s for recruiter and Company 1 day

*Opening the mind to business opportunities make Business Development count 1 day plus a half day follow up session

*Client Management and Key Account Development 1 day

Acquiring and building passive talent banks. 1 day

*Building and managing high performance teams for managers and team leaders 1 day

*The juggling Act. Time management and the art of delegation 1 day

*Influencing, communication and negotiation skills 1 day

*Selling stylish business working in partnership with Clients 1 day

*Qualifying, Selecting, vetting interviewing and short listing candidates 1day intensive

*Key account development getting more from your current base 1 day

*Finding and pooling the best candidates 1 day

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