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Level 1- Intermediate

Example Agenda

Introduction and Objectives

  • Welcome and introduction and objectives
  • What does it take to be a great Recruiter?

Value your Service

  • World class basics – Recruitment desk fundamentals
  • Proactively time management
  • Over achieving on your KPI Target

Working with Candidates and Contractors

  • Reactive and Reactive Lead Generation
  • Building Talent Pools
  • Tracking and Tracing Quality Talent
  • Make every call count
  • The importance of consistency

Building Relationships with Clients

  • How well do you know your clients?
  • Who to call, when and why
  • The Business Development Call
  • Making BD part of every day
  • Turning Objections into Client Conversations
  • Selling in your contractors MPC level 1

Gaining Competitive Edge

  • Consistency and follow through
  • Meeting your Client
  • Selling in ‘Hot Talent’

Action Plans

  • Q & A Session
  • Reviewing personal objectives
  • Personal action plans