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Ramp it Up programme

Why not check out our existing courses or sample our brand new programme of ‘Ramp it Up’ 1 day courses for ramping up results and revenues at desk level.

These are tailored to bespoke versions and delivered at Intermediate, Advanced and Master-class levels with a client or candidate focus.

Your delegates will learn how to take their desk up at notch whether they are currently billing £50 – £100k, £100 – £200k or £200k+. Sharing the key behaviours of high achievers each level of workshop will provide insights into the habits of big billers and how to apply them so your consultants have the resources to ramp up their results, revenue and your business.

Our starting point would be to share example Agendas of ‘Ramp it Up’ programmes we have delivered recently for our existing clients. We then specifically tailor the content to your market sector, your culture and your consultants, at whichever level/s you feel is appropriate.

Are you getting the very best from your consultants? Are they living up to their potential? Are they as good as they think they are? Are they stepping outside their comfort zone? If the answer to any of these is ‘no’, this programme can make a positive difference.

Level 1: Ramp Up Your Results – Intermediate

Delegates will learn more about how to differentiate your valuable service from competitors, build their talent pools whilst tracking and tracing quality talent. How to build deep, lasting relationships with their clients and making business development automatic as part of their every day routine, providing consistency and that competitive edge!

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Level 2: Ramp Up Your Revenue – Advanced

Delegates attending this course will learn how to identify and consistently work with top tier clients/candidates and fully engage them. They will learn about measuring their own performance, energy and time and understand consultative vs transactional solutions.

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Level 3: Ramp Up Your Business – Master-class

This course is for your higher billers, enabling them to springboard their first class recruitment desks to the next level and realise their full potential. Helping them to blast their targets, drive their desk forward and reach peak performance time and time again.

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