The First Six Months – 3 Things to Consider in Your New Management Job

So you’ve secured a new management or team leader role in a new company? Now what? Before you get too comfortable, you should know that your biggest challenge still lies ahead; making the role a success.

The first six months of a new management role are critical. This is when you set the expectations for the rest of your tenure and when people will be keen to know what you have to offer.

Here are the three important things to do when starting a new management job:

1. Asking questions and making change  

It’s Not a Weakness to Ask For Help!

In fact it is quite the opposite! 

As a leader, one of your powerful tools is ‘Leading by example’ and if you are feeling demotivated and worried, start by taking care of yourself! It’s a bit like the instructions you get on an aircraft about the oxygen – ‘always put the oxygen mask on yourself, before you try to help others.’