Speak to Your Clients, Not Their Voicemail

How many call backs are in your diary right now? 

Yes, I thought so!

We’ve all done it – had a conversation with a prospective client and at the end, just delighted to still be talking with them, we say “Great, thanks Brian, let’s talk again. I will diarise a call in a months time, speak to you then”

So in it goes in our diary for the same time next month. Only we don’t know whether they will be available then and as it was a “speak soon” type of agreement which they haven’t thought about either. Even then, a monthly call may be too frequent – or infrequent.

So what can we do instead? Try this:

“Thanks for the chance to speak with you Brian, I hope we can build on that and I’d like to be a source of good market information for you in the future. How often would you suggest that I contact you” (Answer: “every 6-8 weeks”).

“That’s great tell me are there any days of the week better than others to get you and any days I shouldn’t even try?” (Answer: “Tuesday & Wednesday are best – don’t call Monday or Friday”).

“That’s fine, and when I do call on those days are there any better times of the day to get you, as the last thing we both want is me leaving a voicemail message and then the pair of us playing telephone tag?”

Of course, it won’t work every time but I’m absolutely sure that it will reduce your call back rate dramatically (therefore increasing your successful call conversion rate) and you will be calling at a frequency the client is happy with and it will escalate your relationship.


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