Market Knowledge is a Must!

How much do you know about your market? How up to date are you with what’s going on? Clients and candidates will be keen to keep in touch with someone who knows the market (their market) inside out.

The easiest and most consistent ways of doing that are to:

  • Ask people’s opinion and advice (while you have their attention anyway) when calling them as part of your regular contact. Let’s say you talk to 20 clients a week and 30 candidates and you have 3 colleagues, that is potentially 200 contacts to whom you can ask a “market intelligence” question. That information will help you add to your on-going market knowledge and help you establish yourself as an industry expert.
  • Join relevant groups on LinkedIn. Get involved in discussions; identify trends and patterns in your specific sector.
  • Read articles, client and candidate blogs and when you feel ready – write your own.
  • Follow other experts on Twitter for little gems of knowledge about what’s hot and what’s not!
  • Follow your existing Clients and potential/target Clients. Keep up to date with the changes in their business and industry sector.

Make sure you know what’s what and who’s who! This will ensure that any advice and guidance you are giving will be up to date and relevant. You can’t afford not to know your market if you are going to provide a professional and ‘on point’ service.

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