It’s Not a Weakness to Ask For Help!

In fact it is quite the opposite! 

As a leader, one of your powerful tools is ‘Leading by example’ and if you are feeling demotivated and worried, start by taking care of yourself! It’s a bit like the instructions you get on an aircraft about the oxygen – ‘always put the oxygen mask on yourself, before you try to help others.’

One way to help yourself is to ask for advice. Have a conversation with your manager, it is their job to support you, share your concerns and ask their guidance and draw from their experiences. Also make sure you know: 

  • What the company approach is during unpredictable times
  • What the priority objectives are for the coming months
  • and that you have clarity around the company vision

You can then be clear and confident in communicating this to your team. It is important that the whole management team have ‘one voice’ for these vital messages, for it to have any impact.

Authenticity is key – people know what’s going on, so pretending that ‘everything in the garden is always rosy’ and being too upbeat all the time, will not convince them or keep them engaged! Be realistic and honest, if you have concerns, share them with your team – you are only human and they will not think less of you, infact you will become more credible in their eyes. What they will expect from you is leadership. That’s why you are in the role and in challenging times it’s up to you to lead from the front. So don’t forget to take care of yourself, ask for advice when you need it and be an authentic leader!

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