Be on Your Tiptoes to Take Advantage of the Temp Market in 2016!

2016 is taking advantage of flexible workforce to handle the peaks and troughs of business in the current market. Finding great temps and contract staff is the recipe for success. You need to build your store cupboard for maximum results. Here are some tips to help:

  • Be sure to know the likely skill set your clients will need in your market, keeping abreast of any changes or new roles
  • Know your current temp/contract book intimately. How do your top temps take their coffee? Increase the after sales service in simple easy inexpensive gestures
  • Go the extra mile as they start their assignment. (Make a site visit, unless distance is a barrier then a call, rather than an email is in order).                                              
  • Face to face is the name of the game!
  • Be available and flexible and let them feel it. Introduce them to other temps/contractors so they don’t feel isolated
  • Set up your temp Twitter account and get followers fast if you haven’t already done so. Start Groups on LinkedIn for your contractors and temps for discussions centred around their market/field of expertise
  • Make contracts and temps part of your business plan and involve them in your business. Forward plan your business and their assignments
  • Have you the top talent? If not, find it and if you have it, flaunt it! Market out and showcase your best talent, especially those in high demand

Successful temp and contracts consultants will have knowledge of where the business is – where exactly the gaps are and the sector knowledge on how to plug the gaps proactively. Take talent seamlessly from one assignment to the next, leaving no window of opportunity for competitors. Don’t lose your best candidate because of complacency. Get a structure and a plan, know what you want and commit to it. Great results will follow!

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